Take a ride along the Chocolate River, floating along the currents of cocoa. One taste will instantly bring you back to your childhood favorite chocolate experience. Rich, smooth, creamy chocolate notes of flavor will excite your taste buds and keep you coming back for more.


Experience the Strawberry fields of juice flowing under your tongue fused with groves of Lemons as you taste this perfect mix. The explosive sweetness of succulent Strawberry’s collide with the subtle tartness of the Lemon to create an overflowing euphoric taste which instantly maximizes you taste buds to a cosmic status which will leave you with an insatiable urge to have more.

Lemon Cream

This full flavored silky Lemon Cream flavor has been created to Melt your Mind away.  One taste of this and you can feel why it is named Lemon Cream.  Vape and Drift away into Lemon fields flowing with Creamy rivers of Euphoria.

Apple Pie

Experience the absolute awesomeness of our Apple Pie.  Just one drop will surround your whole Universe with soft notes of Apple and Cinnamon with just a touch of crispy flaky crust.  One drop is never enough so indulge yourself and bring out your locked memories of grandma’s Apple Pie.