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Hemp + Kanna Blend Strawmonade E-Liquid/Sublingual

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Total CBD: 250mg

Total KANNA: 25,000mg

Amount of servings: 60

Serving Size: 1/2ml (15 drops)

KANNA Blend: 416mg

CBD per serving: 2.5mg

Other Ingredients: Vegetable Glycerin, Kanna Blend, Food Grade Natural and Artificial Flavoring, Industrial Hemp with Naturally Occuring Cannabidiol, Propylene Glycol.



Experience the Hemp + Kanna Blend Strawmonade fields of juice flowing under your tongue fused with groves of Lemons as you taste this perfect mix. The explosive sweetness of succulent Strawberry’s collides with the subtle tartness of the Lemon to create an overflowing euphoric taste which instantly maximizes you taste buds to a cosmic status which will leave you with an insatiable urge to have more.



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